To be zonal centre of excellence, for sustainable provision of services in agricultural research and knowledge of appropriate technologies and information services for farmers and other stakeholders.


To deliver demand-driven agricultural technologies, information services and knowledge to farmers and other stakeholders, for increased agricultural productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainable use of natural resources in the Southern Highlands Zone (SHZ).


ARI-Uyole has achieved magnificent outputs and outcomes in its mission, through which it has directly contributed to socio-economic development of people in Southern Highlands Zone and beyond as described in its programs. 

Agricultural Research Institute-Uyole (ARI-Uyole) is a public institution, primarily undertaking agricultural research and development under the Ministry Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC).  ARI-Uyole was founded in 1968 as public institution and in 1976 it became semi-autonomous organization, The Uyole Agricultural Centre (UAC), which was established by Government Notice No 70 of 1976. The UAC primary functions were research and training for agricultural development, which were supported by NORDIC countries, namely: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Finland through its development agency, FINNIDA continued its support up to 1992 after other NORDIC countries had phased out in 1986. In July 1993, the government formally dissolved the UAC semi-autonomous status to its present of being one of the public agricultural research and development institutions in the MAFC, which caters for the Southern Highlands Zone.


Zonal Director (Southern Highlands)
Uyole Agricultural Research Institute,
Telephone: +255 (25) 2510363 & 2510062
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