Agricultural Research Institute-Uyole (ARI-Uyole) is a public institution, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC)  ( ARI- Uyole is mandated to undertake agricultural research and development in Southern Highlands Zone.

 ARI Uyole vision and mission are built on the goals of the sustainable human development. We are contributing to sustainable development goals  through scientific research, innovations and development in agriculture, natural resources management and farming systems improvement. Our  values  are anchored in good governance (rule of law, participation, consensus, equity and inclusiveness, responsiveness, transparency,  accountability,  effectiveness and efficiency) and genuine partnerships (partnership necessity towards common goals with a defined roles and  mutual trust in  implementation). We believe that, one for achieving sustainable human development, adherence and observance of good  governance, which is  nourished by effective multi-stakeholder partnerships, is a necessity. Our current works in partnership with local  communities and civil society  organizations, national, regional and international development partners, have endeavoured to adhere in practicing  and will continue to adhere to the  principles and wisdom of good governance and genuine partnership. Through this way we have made a  progress in achieving common goals of contributing to food security, reducing poverty and environmental management at local, national and  international scales.       

Over the years, we made magnificent strides in collaboration with our development partners and contributed valuable technical, intellectual and development outputs to move towards our common vision and mission. In this candid partnership, we have generated technologies, scientific outputs; develop innovative solutions for rural development and advisory services. In 2015, and beyond we are envisaging keeping knots in pursuing our common goals to advance sustainable development for local, national, regional and global communities.  

Presently, we are envisioning promotion of transformative leadership in scientific research, agricultural development innovation and natural resources management with target communities being decisively key players in the process, in fostering people centred approaches, which would accelerate sustainable human development.     



Dr T.L Bucheyeki
Zonal Director, ARD Southern Highlands Zone 
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-Our Vision-

To be zonal centre of excellence, for sustainable provision of services in agricultural research and knowledge of appropriate technologies and information services for farmers and other stakeholders