The crop research program introduced, developed and/or adapted from CGIAR centers crops and their improved varieties in Southern Highlands Zone (SHZ). In addition, crop research has developed locally appropriate agronomic crop management techniques and practices, which were recommended for high productivity. Crop management practices developed include plant spacing and planting time, integrated management of diseases, field insect pests, weeds and storage pests. The use of improved varieties and knowledge of crop management practices by farming communities in the SHZ have contributed to increased production and profitability. 


Zonal Director (Southern Highlands)
Uyole Agricultural Research Institute,
Telephone: +255 (25) 2510363 & 2510062
Fax   +255 (25) 2510065
P. O. Box 400, 

To be zonal centre of excellence, for sustainable provision of services in agricultural research and knowledge of appropriate technologies and information services for farmers and other stakeholders