Research activities in the control of plant diseases, ( Phytopathology) and insect pests (Entomology).  

Major areas of Research ().

1.     Screening of segregating populations ,  germplasm and elite  varieties for multiple disease s and pests resistance (Beans, maize, rice, ) in field and store.

2.     Evaluation of botanical pesticides  and fungicides for management of bean stem maggot, bean bruchids   and foliar  diseases respectively

3.     Study population structure of major rice disease pathogens  in Tanzania (Rice blast, bacterial leaf blight, brown leaf spot).

4.     Evaluation of  IPDM options and packages for Cocoa , bananas, beans, rice,  wheat.

5.     Epidemiology and management of Rice yellow mottle virusdisease in the Southern highlands of Tanzania.


Zonal Director (Southern Highlands)
Uyole Agricultural Research Institute,
Telephone: +255 (25) 2510363 & 2510062
Fax   +255 (25) 2510065
P. O. Box 400, 


·         To develop high yielding varieties
·         To identify insects and diseases 
·         To develop/address  Agronomy
·         To multiply and disseminate