Social Economics Unit (SEU) is one of programs in the Ministry of Agriculture under Directorate of Research and Development which has the mandate of conducting research on Farming Systems Approach, Socio economic research, marketing research and Training.

Major areas of Research ().

·  Market and marketing systems

·  Identify and develop participatory approaches which include/involve clients of research services

·  Identify/develop participatory approaches which meet our expectations from problem identification, technology development uptake and use.

·  Impact assessment of technology adoption, uptake and scaling up.

·  Economic analysis of technologies

·  Research on climate change

·  Zoning and mapping and updating information on farming system

·  Enhance  coordination with all stakeholders

·  Promote system orientation to research

·  Advice on issues of government policies and governance influencing decisions and management practices used by farmers


  • Faming  system and socio economic linkages along the value chain
  • Research  on clientele participatory approaches in all stages of research
  • Research  on adaptation of technologies and constraints
  • Research  on farm budgets and returns to improvement packages
  • Classify  and analyze farming systems
  • Enhance  coordination with all stakeholders
  • Promote system orientation to research
  • Research  on agricultural policies


·         To develop high yielding varieties
·         To identify insects and diseases 
·         To develop/address  Agronomy
·         To multiply and disseminate

To be zonal centre of excellence, for sustainable provision of services in agricultural research and knowledge of appropriate technologies and information services for farmers and other stakeholders